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Appeal procedure

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You will be asked to read carefully the Ministry of Internal Affairs' Reception and Administration Procedure of appeals. Appeals may be made in oral, written, in person, by mail, on the telephone, "helpline", or through the virtual reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Following the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the applications of individuals and legal entities" individuals and legal entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and foreign countries, and people without citizenship have the right to submit appeals, proposals, complaints to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The appeal of the individual must contain the surname (name, patronymic) of the individual, his / her place of residence and the content of the request. The application of the legal entity must contain the full name of the legal entity, information about its location (postal address) and the content of the request. When a petitioner is an individual, his/her signature must be certified by the signature of the manager or an authorized person in the case of a legal entity. If it was not possible to attach the signed written application of the applicant individual, the petition should be attached with the signature of the person who made the application and add his/her surname (name, patronymic).

Invalid applications: anonymous applications, applications submitted by individuals or legal entities without appropriate authorization documents; applications that do not meet the legal requirements.

If you are not satisfied with our response, the Ministry of Internal Affairs based on the table of Reception of citizens accepts applications of individuals and legal entities in the building of the Citizens Reception Office at the following address: Yu. Radjabiy Street 1, Tashkent. Orientation: "Cosmonauts" subway station. Applications are also received by helpline "1102".

It is necessary to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to get an appointment with the Minister of Internal Affairs Pulat Bobojonov.  The Ministry will provide the date and time of admission, after reviewing the appeal.

In case of absence of the Deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the reception, the heads of the responsible departments receive appeals from individuals and legal entities.

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